Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Isn't it odd that the best fall colors around here are found on trees in cities and towns?"
---"Yeah the indigenous oaks are not as colorful as the maples that are replacing them and the dust-bowl wind-breaks are no competition for the plants nurseries sell."
"Though there are many different shades of brown."
---"As many shades of brown as mid-summer shades of green?"
"I can't tell. The greens are around much longer, and the yellows and reds are more striking. Did you know that orange until recently was perceived as yellow, or was it brown?"
---"You mean the name 'orange' wasn't in common use until recently? I read the ancient Greeks didn't have a word for 'blue'. In almost every culture it's a major naming free-for-all for brown, orange, purple, pink and grey."
"Men seldom have use for words like 'yellow', 'purple', 'pink': I wonder if they're able to see those colors?"
---"Don't confuse the lack of a name with the absence of experience."
"But there's nothing without words."

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