Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"I'm perplexed at how willingly Americans believe that all governments are corrupt. Taking their hard-earned dollars through taxes to fund lord-knows-what crazy, inefficient, immoral pork-barrel projects and agencies. Yet when it comes to the police, courts and the military, none of that skepticism, hatred, or libertarian-fashioned monetary concern applies. ... State governments can barely keep the schools--for the children!-- open and state office holders have a difficult time keeping their family members off the state payrolls. However when it comes to the arrests, trials, convictions and incarcerations of our fellow citizens, government employees-- police, prosecutors, jailers and judges---are above reproach. All 'Solomon's', models of judicial fairness, exemplars of bureuacratic incorruptability?"
---"Heroes everyone. ... They got a great union. ... A lot of people owe them favors; people you and I would never want to meet."

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