Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"How do you know she didn't like me?"
---"She didn't stay for coffee. Did she tell you her name; give you her phone number? "
"She liked me for as long as it took. I'm not looking for a friend."
---"They have women (or men) to reward you if you do what they say and they have people to punish you if you don't."
"You make it sound like a cult."
---"In a perfect world they're the cult to end all cults."

"Let me see if I understand. No sex until I find that special someone willing to spend hours with me in conversation and activities I otherwise wouldn't bother about? And not until she's sufficiently dazzled by my wit and wisdom and worn down with food, drink, and gifts she consents to do what I just did with that stranger? And with no guarantees? --Who lives like that? Characters in chic flicks?"
---"Have fun?"
"It's the only game in town."
---"You and your future wife will have no problems sharing?"
"Grow up. What's mine is his, what's his is mine."

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