Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Are there homosexual rapists?"

---"Yeah but who cares? ..Oh. You're wondering if there 's such a crime as homosexual rape? Sexual assault I think is the unisex term that covers it."

"Are there many men in jail for sexually assaulting men?"

---"If you're talking about pedophiles, men who prey on boys then...

"No. Is there among the 'one-in-ten' male population about the same percentage of rapists who assault men as there are men in the majority who rape women?"

---"You're thinking if it makes sperm then...? You've been reading your sister's old college text-books again?"

"Why is there so little news, so few media reports about homosexual rape?"

---"It's because gays are so well organized that whenever anyone picks up on his gaydar the first signs of unwanted sexual aggression a general alarm is sounded throughout the community. All fun and games are put on hold as the gay-rapist-to-be is hunted and cornered...ever see the movie "M"?...He is then blindfolded and wisked away to a safe house/spa...much like what the Catholic Church does after-the-fact for it's exposed pedophile priests...where as many volunteers as necessary sex-bomb the dangerous deviant for as long as it takes until all urges to rape are forever eliminated. ... That or gay sex is so readily available, so free, that there's simply no reason for any gay man to rape another man. They're like Margaret Mead's Polynesians."

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