Saturday, September 23, 2006


"They say speed, motion, the rhythm of machines have no affect on us."

---"Have you seen the iron horse? I heard tell it runs on rails; smokes like the devil and never stops as long as a team of men keep feeding it.

"Old MacDonald's Farm doesn't exist anymore. Only the very rich and the very poor can live and work in places where the pace of life is regulated by living breathing things."

---"What are you saying, no one waltzes anymore? This's been done to death. Stress kills, not the tools and machines needed for existence. You have goals? You want to be productive? Maybe you want to get away from this crazy life? ... If you can't sleep, take a pill. If you can't get out the door, take a different pill. If you can't eat, there's pills and groups. If you can't find work that'll pay for the doctors and pills, welcome to America. Where nothing is as free as it appears to be. It's that simple."

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