Sunday, September 10, 2006

"Imagine if millions of people around the world suddenly stopped believing the word of god was written in holy books to be interpreted for them by holy men?"

---"Billions. Given what passes today for the word of god after millenia of study and debate, riots and wars, the effect upon today's society would be catastrophic, the chaos unbelievable."

"Imagine what mischief the gullible and credulous might be propelled into if everyone needed to find faith for themselves; were compelled to create then honor their own systems of behavior and belief? Instead of being smugly ensconced in authoritarian churches?"

----"'Ensconced'? Does that've anything to do with scones?"

"Today I'm thankful for all organized religions that provide the people of the world with historically proven reservoirs of sacred superstition, proscribed clap-trap and pure nonsense."

---"Flood control for the fabulists and their faithful fans?"


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