Saturday, September 30, 2006

"As government services for individuals shrank while its largesse towards corporations grew we were there. When people come-off drugs, alcohol and gambling, we are there. When they're thrown into jail, when they come out of jail, we're there. When families are torn apart by lifestyles and economics we're there. In most communities we are the first people--besides the police--you and yours will see if you have serious problems. For more then thirty years we've provided the answers- we are the answer-for almost every personal and social problem Americans had. We put Jesus into community service and keep him there."

---"America is truly blessed?"

"That the Republicans and their corporate constituents have figured out how to exploit our leaders and our less charitable members is a small price to pay for all the good we do. Try to look on everything hateful that's done by them in His name as a kind of tax. "

---"War without end? Torture? Racism? Bigotry?"

"You're aware that without Bush's deficit spending on Homeland Security and his War on Terror the stock market would be in serious trouble: America's economy would slow, taxes would rise, real-estate prices would fall, the housing bubble would burst and there'ld be even more unemployed?"

---"Wouldn't that bring more souls to Jesus? .. Oh I get it! 30 pieces of silver are 30 pieces of silver."

"Heretic. Sooner than later, you'll see the light."

---"The quote-smaller the government-unquote, the bigger the churches?"

"You're speaking in tongues already."

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